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Marvel Avengers Re-watch: WandaVision Episode 1

Published on: 21st January, 2021

Join The Credible Nerds as we jump into the new Marvel Disney+ series - WandaVision! We discuss the 1950's sitcom setting and what we think about it, as well as is this our reality, Wanda's reality, or someone else's reality.

We spend some time talking about how the Infinity Stones might play into this series and talk about if Vision is really there or is he just a part of Wanda's reality. Also, who is Vision? We talk about his backstory, from the Marvel films, and how he came to be.

This episode does have some spoilers for Episode 2 just in case you haven't seen Episode 2 yet. We will get more in depth with Episode 2 in the next podcast episode.

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